Stick and Stones

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Artist: Jung Park
Artist: James Paick
Artist: Johannes Voss


Lori Earley

Well, you know, this photo may be fake, but it isn’t. We aren’t used to looking at the sky anymore.
However, it must be said that it’s much easier to see stars like these with a telescope like Hubble…

That’s fantastic!! Hahahahaha!

Unfortunately I don’t know who’s the artist…
That’s my cartoon-style alter ego! Soon I’ll post some comics I do at school or on my free time. I hope you’ll enjoy!


What’s “art”? What’s its real meaning? I think it has only that one we give it: everyone can give a different one from another one (it’s a fantastic feature of art, its own subjectivity) but when does something become “art”? A picture can be artistic, or a video or maybe a song, a drawing or, why not, our own body. Certainly only we humans can say if something its art or not, and that’s because art is inside us. We can see art in a landscape, in a paint and so on, but only because we decide it. Not with our mind, but with our heart, because it’s inside it, where art lives inside us.

I don’t know who wrote it, but once I read a sentence on my girlfriend’s phone, and I think it sums up all my ego trips (it’s correct? I’m not sure of this wording):

"Heart without art is just ‘he’."

Yes, it’s one of my favourite song and film:) And of course the name of this blog:P